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LoveDough Events Ltd. is one of the UK's largest club brands that is now doing gigs all over the world. I have worked with them for the last 6 years on developing the brand look and feel on every peice of material they have produced. Current artwork is done by Nikki Farquharson.


I work on many various projects with House of Frasers from product launch invites to nation wide store promotional flyer.


Basementality is an realitivly new brand in liverpool with huge line ups that is getting great reviews which they say the artwork has helped propel them.


A large Arts Centre funded by the lottery which houses cinema, theatre and concert hall. I have produceced the artwork for all the different aspects of their promotion throughout the centre.


Tup Tup Palace and theCUT are two of Newcastles most st popular bars with hipsters and celebrities both hang out here. I have been with them since before they opened helping create a lauch campaign Newcastle had never seen before and in the four years it has been open it's still the best in the north.


Working closely with the live venue side of the Hall producing website, eflyer and printed litreture for their events.


A random selection of work.